Thursday, January 23, 2014

Honest and Open Letters from Albania

Last March, (it's been almost a year already!) I sponsored by dear boy, Domenik, from Albania. Domenik is part of the newest ADP (Area Development Project) that World Vision started and the ADP has only been open for a little over a year. In this area of the country, there is such great need. The conditions there are truly horrible. The schools are low quality, the streets are dangerous, and the poverty levels are very high. The average wage for a family in Albania is only a couple thousand dollars a year. Match that up with the fact that goods (groceries, clothing, etc) cost about the same as they do in the United States, that is not a very good amount of money. And, that is for people that are working, clearly. The unemployment rate is also very high.

My little Domenik is only in 1st grade and is not yet writing his own letters, so his mother writes his letters for me. Over these last few months, these letters have been getting more detailed and are very honest about what the family is really going through and experiencing. I like that. I like hearing the truth about life for my kids. Sometimes letters can paint a picture of happiness, even if it's not the case. After reading these two letters from Domenik's family, I just want to fly over to Albania and bring them all home with me. This time, when responding, I wrote one letter to Domenik and one letter to his mother. I'm hoping that her and I can start our own relationship with each other and talk openly and honestly with each other.

Side note, I love how is mom shares her thoughts and opinions from the persona of Domenik.

Without further ado, the two letters:



My dear older sister Kayla, I am so glad to have got your letters, gifts, stickers, and the glasses on the card (a card with 3D glasses and picture). Most of all, I am happy that God has blessed me to know an angel like you, so sweet and you shine my life and that of my family. You had asked me about my performance at school and if I have high results or not. My mother wants me to achieve higher results, but we do live in a poor area and the school and the kindergarten are in bad conditions. Now that we are in the season of winter, we write with difficulties because it is so cold and there is not heat in the classrooms. When it rains there are floods and we suffer the consequences of the impure environment and the garbage everywhere. 




You had asked me about the grocery store that we have. There, sell my grandfather and grandmother, but because of the high level of unemployment and poverty, people do not purchase much from them. My big dream is when I grow up to have the opportunity to leave this country and to go in search for a better life elsewhere. But now I am too little. I spend my free time playing ball games and visiting parks, but where I live, these are not safe places for me. Now I have to close the letter and tell you that I love so much the presents that you sent to me with the first letter. I send to you a big hug, sister. I love you Kayla. 



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