Friday, January 10, 2014

First Letter from Alexander

I was super happy to have a cream colored envelope in the mail today! And it was big envelope, which could mean a whole slew of things! I opened up the envelope and saw that my Honduran boy, Alexander had written me his first letter!

It's two pages stapled together, but as I looked closer, I noticed that it was the same, exact letter written twice. The first time, it's written in cursive handwriting and without any punctuation marks to be seen. My guess is that his project workers gave him another piece of paper and told him to redo the letter neatly. He rewrote the letter (the handwriting looks the same), but this time in print and with all the correct markings. Alexander is turning 13 years old in two weeks, so I'm guessing it was just typical pre-teen/teenage laziness. :)

In this letter, Alexander is answering the letter I sent him asking questions about his community. I send a letter like that to each of my children as soon as I can write to them.

This letter was written on December 20th, so it got here very quickly!


Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

How are you? I hope you are in good health. I want to tell you that my community is called 2 de Marzo (2nd of March) and it is located in El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras. My community's population is 240,000 people. A common job in my community is to work at textile mills. A common transportation is the taxi. Let me tell you that my community's weather is very hot and a fun thing to do here is go to the mechanic games (Any ideas?) I want to ask you, what do you do on Christmas? I want to ask you to pray for me and my family. I want to thank you for your contribution and I wish you a Merry Christmas. I say goodbye with a hug. 

Carlos Alexander


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  1. I love how informative Alexander's letter is! But I have no guesses on the mechanic games. And how funny that he had to write the letter twice…we had a teenager from the DR and have a pre-teen from Mexico who have both rewritten their letters…both first drafts were nearly impossible to read but the second ones were ok. I suppose it's good practice for these guys!!