Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another Three Letter Day!

I can get used to this. :)

I love seeing my small mailbox full of cream colored envelopes. I also got a student loan bill, but that's nearly as exciting. Let's just toss that to the side... :)

First up, I bring you love from Thailand. 10 year old Fongwin always write great letters. This letter was written on November 6th, 2013.


Dear Kayla,

Hello sponsor! I am very glad to have an opportunity to write you a letter again. I and my family are doing fine. Hopefully, you and your family are doing well. Thank you for the birthday gift you sent me. I spent it on a household thing. Thank for the coloring picture. I colored it. It is very beautiful. I go to school. I show the picture to my friends. They like it so much. For my school performance in the last term, it was good. I will try harder. The weather in my place is cold season now. It is still raining. Many provinces in my country have flood. I am very pity on the people who face the flood. How is the weather in your country? I go to school every day. My school has just started a new term. Please pray for my study. I will think of you and pray for you that you have strength in your work. Finally, may God bless your family with happiness always. 

Love in Christ,


Next up, is a letter from sweet Sadiya. Sadiya is 9 years old. She wrote a very lovely letter and is answering some of the questions about her country that I asked all of my kids last summer. Her letter was written on October 31st. 


Dear Sponsor Kayla,

I greet you in the sweet name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am doing good with my family and they are also doing well. Hoping you all are also doing the same. My study is going well. I go regularly to my project. I learn story of Jesus and songs of Jesus. Some days back, I got a sweater. I got all your letters. On August 15th, we celebrate our Independence of our country. The colors of our flag are orange, white, and green. I miss you a lot! Please pray for me. 

Yours Lovingly, 


Lastly, I got a long letter from little Solomon. He wrote, with the help of his tutor, two whole pages! It appears that he receives my letters in a huge bulk. He doesn't seem to mind, though. I try to think about how I feel when I get letters in bulk, like today. Our kids must love it too! To get so many goodies at one time must be so fun!

Solomon was 7 years old when this letter was written, but turned 8 soon after. His letter was written on November 6th. 


My Favorite kind of weather is: Summer
It is Usually: Hot
When it is Sunny, I Like to: Play Volleyball
When it Rains, I Like to: Watch T.V
During Christmas, the Weather is Usually: Chilly 

Dear Sponsor,

Greetings to you in Jesus name. How are you? I am tutor writing this letter on behalf of Solomon. He and his family are doing well. He is so excited to receive all your letters. He received so many from you. He likes to know more about you. Thank you for stickers, pictures, and sums (I sent him a math worksheet to practice). He liked so much everything. He share with his friends and tell them about you. Surely he prays for your new job to go well. He hopes you enjoy it. He is regular at school. He is doing his study work well. Thank you for birthday wishes and colorful stickers. On birthday, he will get cake and invite friends and share with them. At home, his mother prepares some sweets and have fun. Thank you for your loving prayers. He was happy to hear about your country. It is so interesting. What is your favorite food and sport? He wants to know it. In our country, we celebrate Independence Day on August 15th. We hoist our flag and have some cultural programs like dance, song, etc in school. We sing the National Anthem at the time of hoisting flag. He liked seeing you and him in the photo you sent. It is so great to hear about your church family. He loves the picture with the kids in church. In our church here, there are only a few babies. He likes to play with them and share things with them. In his school, he celebrates Children's Day on November 14th. He and his friends will enjoy program of dance, songs, and a speech by the prime minister of India. He is doing well in the project (coloring, singing new songs, ball games, and learning about Jesus). Please pray for him. He will pray for you. 



  1. Those are great letters Kayla! Solomon is so sweet to worry and take pity on those in the flood zones.

    I am glad Sadiya answered some of your questions. She is so pretty.

    And two pages from Solomon! Yay! I didn't know India celebrated a children's day.

    1. I meant Fongwin in the first paragraph.. sorry!

    2. I figured out who you meant. :) I do think he's a great boy for showing concern for those in the flood zone. I wonder if they have been praying for them at their project.

      I agree, I think Sadiya is beautiful! I love that she shared about her new sweater.

      Since Solomon moved to a new project, he has been writing very often and sending very detailed letters. The tutors there must be great!

  2. Great day of letters! Such sweet kids!

    1. I agree! I have some fantastic writers!

  3. How fun to get three letters in one day!!! Fongwin's letter was so cute!! Especially how he shared how he used everything you sent…including the coloring page! I love Sadiya's answers and that she shared that she misses you. And wow! Solomon spent a lot of time answering your letters!! What sweet kids :)