Sunday, January 5, 2014

Letters Received in 2013

I've noticed a lot of people posting how many letters they received in 2013 and I loved reading the lists the made. I thought it would be fun to make a list like that myself. I'm going to split the kids in two groups, those I had for all of 2013 and those that I only had for part of it. The kids I've only been sponsoring/corresponding with for a few months are going to have, of course, less letters. In each list, I will sort from greatest to fewest letters. Here we go!

Here are the kids I had for all 2013. They had all the full year to write letters:

My winner this year was Xhuliano. He wrote me 14 letters!

I got 8 letters from Florenc. 

I received 7 letters each from Celeste and Kalpesh.

I got 6 letters each from Abu, Sandesh, Sagitaria, Jhon, and Karanja. 

I received 5 letters each from Eric, Sagar, Kwizera, and Solomon. 

Both Sadiya and Dafyne wrote 4 letters each. 

Khushi and Melaku both wrote 3 letters each. 

Next, I will share with you these letters from the children I have had for less than a year. Each of these kids joined my sponsorship family sometime during 2013. 

Fongwin wrote 4 letters this year.

Wendjy wrote 3 letters in 2013. 

Domenik, Elias, and Nikko each wrote 2 letters. 

I received 1 letter each from Enatenesh and Debora. 

I am awaiting the day that I receive my first letter from Brenda, Derrick, Alexander, Maria, and Antonio. 

In total, in 2013, I received 123 letters, which averages out to one letter about every 3 days. I would say that's a pretty successful year! 

How many letters did you receive in 2013?


  1. How fun!! I might have to do this, too! : )

    1. This was a fun post to write! I love looking at statistics, so I had a great time with this. Plus, anytime I can make a photo collage, I'm game.

  2. Wow! That's awesome - what a great average you have!

  3. Wow!!! That's crazy how many letters you received!! And I bet this year will be more since you didn't even receive letters from all your kids yet! Now you're making me wonder…maybe I'll look into my stats at some point :)