Friday, September 13, 2013

Wedding Talk from Albania

This week, I have received 2 letters from Albania, one from Xhuliano and one from Florenc. Believe it or not, they were both responding to the letter I wrote to them in June about attending my uncle's wedding. For being two preteen/teenage boys, they seem to be pretty keen on details and clothing. I really love these boys!


My Dear Friend, 

I was very happy the day I received the letter you sent me, with all the beautiful words you wrote, and all the happy thoughts. 

I was very happy you spent a happy week. I hope you spend that way all the weeks. 

Greetings for your uncle and his wife. May they be happy happy. God bless them and may they be a united couple forever. 

I loved the picture of you with your sister. It was a beautiful picture and you looked great! Your dresses were amazing and my mom loved them as well. That's the way she wears them when we have weddings. We do our weddings the same way you do yours there. We have a wedding her on August 8th, our father's cousin is marrying. It is taking place in a restaurant by the sea and I hope mom and dad will have a nice time, just like you had my amazing friend. 

It is Ramadan month this month and we pray every day for you, for my friend, for your family, and all my relatives. God bless you and may you be happy everyday of your life. 

I also went on a World Vision activity day. We had such a nice time. Greetings to World Vision and greetings to you too my friend. God bless you. 




Dear Sponsor, 

I was very happy to receive your letter. I am doing fine. 

We are having a very hot and dry summer. Our village is located in a valley surrounded by hills. At our place, we do not have a warming system. We have a simple wood stove. How is everybody in your family? 

You looked beautiful in those pictures you sent. I like your smiles. Your uncle in his black suit and his bride in the white dress were beautiful. The wedding way of dressing is the same here too. We will attend my aunt's wedding on July 28th and I will take some pictures with her and send them to you. 

Thank you for the gift. I like them. 

I hope that you will enjoy this letter. 

With Love,



  1. They are such sweet boys!!! I love how Xhuliano said that you looked great and that your dresses were amazing!! And I love that Florenc said he hoped you'd enjoy his letter.

    1. They are so sweet, you're right! I think about how two years ago, I knew nothing at all about the country of Albania and now I get to share in the lives of such sweet young men there. They really are such gentlemen. I hope they are this way to everyone they come across, too.

  2. This is such a great blog! Thanks for sharing this :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Daniela! It's nice to meet a new reader. I'm glad you enjoyed it.