Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Mind is Wandering

Lately, I've been trying to do things.

I've been trying to work.

I've been trying to watch movies.

I've been trying to read.

I've been trying to sleep.

But, all of these things have been interrupted lately.

I can't stop thinking about four beautiful children. Four children from IN-860. Four children that need sponsors. Four children that over been waiting almost 14 months for a sponsor. 14 months without a letter, without the love and encouragement of a sponsor. It makes me feel almost sick to my stomach.

All I seem to be able to do is think about these kids and pray like crazy that they are sponsored. I love these kids so much it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about this project. For some reason, this is where God has placed my heart and my heart is breaking thinking about the unsponsored kids there.

I have the packets of these four beautiful kids until September 20th and then Compassion will put them back into the system, maybe on the website, maybe out at events. I would love to see them get sponsored before they leave my hands.

I did some research about the meanings of these children's names. I will share them with you today:

6 year old Arun 
Arun refers to the reddish glow in the morning, just before sunrise. 
This boy could be a beautiful light in your life. 

6 year old Pranav Deepak. 
Pranav means "Praise". Deepak means "Source of Light". 
Pranav could be a source of light in your life. Together, you could praise God. 

9 year old Anil Raju. 
Anil means "Wind." Raju means "King." 
I think this little one has a very kingly pose in his picture. Can you be the wind under Anil's wings?

Sweet Prema Sadashiv. 
Prema means "Love." Sadashiv means "Pure." 
Pure Love. What more do you need? 

If you are interested in sponsoring any of these children, please send me an email at . I would be more than happy to help you add one of these wonderful children to your life. 

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  1. They are such precious kids!!!!! We also have an Arun in was fun to learn the meaning of his name. I wish that we could sponsor some of these kids!! Maybe someday we'll have the money for more :)