Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Letter from Dafyne!

I was beyond excited to see this letter today! As Dafyne is only 5 years old, all of her letters to me so far have been form letters, and they will continue to be form letters for a few more years. However, this time, along with the form letter, there was also an attached piece of paper with answers to questions and other facts. How cool is that?! She also drew quite a cute picture and I just couldn't love it more if I tried.

First, I will share the form letter part of the letter:


The Weather in Brazil

In the city where I live, the weather is usually: Hot all year round

In the winter (June, July, August) my city: Is hot and it doesn't rain

I prefer: I like all types of weather

When the weather is sunny, I like: Other activities 

When the weather is rainy, I like: To sleep

As I write this letter, the weather is: Hot and sunny 

Questions for my sponsor: What's your favorite weather? What do you like to do when it's raining? 

Dear sponsor Kayla,

Hello! I am Vanda and I write on behalf of Dafyne. She's always so happy when I read her your letters, with the affection and dedication you show for her. She showed everybody her photo as a princess. (I edited her photo to make her look like a princess). She put two stickers to represent you and her as princesses. She made a drawing of the two of you. Answering your questions: She has trouble to read and write. She likes mathematics. School is three blocks away from her house and she goes there on foot. She wear a uniform. She stays in school for four hours, from Monday to Friday and she has a 30 minute break each day. She comes to the project from Monday to Thursday for four hours with a 20 minute break. She has classes of ballet and copoeira. Her school teacher's name is Noelia. 

A kiss from Dafyne


If you're like me, you went "What is copoeira?" Well, I looked it up. It's a physical activity that combines dance, acrobatics, and martial arts. It's pretty fun to watch. I can't believe my baby girl does this!


  1. LOVE the drawings......and the extra information she sent you! So sweet!

    1. I think the drawing is quite detailed for her being only 5 years old. I love that we have bows in our hair and that our feet are connected to our dresses. :)

  2. What an adorable drawing!!! And how cute that she answered your questions!! I love that she enjoyed being a princess...and how fun that you were able to learn what copoeira is! I heard from Gizelle a few weeks's so fun to hear from these little ones in Brazil!!

    1. Your Gizelle is from the same project as my Dafyne, isn't she? I think it's great that they do such a physical and fun activity together. I bet they are in class together, since they are so close in age, I think.