Monday, September 30, 2013

Long Letter from Sandesh!

I love hearing from all of my kids, of course, but there is a special place in my heart for my boys from India. They always write such great letters.

Here is the one I got from Sandesh today:


Dear Kayla,

Greeting to you in the name of almighty God Jesus. I am writing this letter on behalf of Sandesh. 

Sandesh is very happy since he came in project. He is enjoying a lot in this project. He was very happy about you and your letter when he read about you. 

He regularly comes to the center. He likes this project because he came to know about you in the name of Jesus. He always thankful to God. 

Sandesh is studying in 5th standard. He goes to school everyday. Sandesh family is very happy and blessed by you. He has received everything you have sent for him. 

He really miss you. Lovely regards from his family. How are you and your family? He also wish you a happy anniversary and thanking you for your prayers and support and being a part of his life. 

Sandesh is ready to answer the questions joyfully. He is very happy to see photos of your class students, how they are writing their names, building with blocks, and putting together puzzles. He is also taking interest of the students in the photos. 

1. Sandesh's grade is 5th
2. Classrooms in his school: 15
3. Sandesh wear a uniform to school
4. Sandesh school has a library 
5. Cricket Team 
6. Physical education, yes
7. Yes, computers in school
8. Boys and girls sit separately 
9. Children start school at age 4
10. They graduate at age 20

Thank you for all your support and help and also for your prayers. On behalf of Sandesh, thanking you with love. Your's in Christ! 



  1. What a nice letter with so much information! Yeah! is Sandesh sponsored though the rest of 2013 yet? I heard from Vikeshbhai IN912 today. I typed his letters into child updates on OC. Sandesh is so cute when he smiles!

    1. Nope. The money I raised for Sandesh ran out last month. I paid this month for him. I'm guessing that I will continue to pay for him, which is okay with me. It was lovely to see how many people came together to cover his sponsorship for a whole year.

  2. Wow!! I love that Sandesh answered your questions!!!! And how sweet that he enjoyed seeing your students!!