Sunday, September 1, 2013

Photo Updates = Happy Sponsor!

Last week, I received two photo updates! 

How cute is she?! 

I give the photograph tons of credit on her new photo. Her personality shines right through in this picture. Celeste seems just like the little girl I met in person. 

Celeste is 9 (almost 10) in her first picture and is 11 1/2 in her new picture.

Check out this handsome guy! Doesn't he look so confident and ready to take on the world in his new photo? 

Melaku seems to have gained in self-esteem with each passing photo. You can see him age from age 16 in the first photo, to age 20 in the last one. 

Melaku will graduate from Compassion in January, so it is wonderful to see him so happy and ready to go. 


  1. What great photo updates!! I love how both of their personalities shine in the photos. Melaku looks so confident in this new one!! And Celeste looks like quite the character!

  2. Kris (georgedarling)September 3, 2013 at 4:16 PM

    Kayla - You have your own little Miss Hands on Hips! My favorite - I am so glad you got to meet her in person.

    Melaku is all grown up and doesn't he look confident?