Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy June Letters

Actually, three of these letters were received during the last days of May and only one is from this month, but let's pretend that's not the case, so my title makes sense. Just play along! 

I will start off from a letter from my sweet Maria. She is giving me a glimpse into her life and interests and I love that.
Maria is 12 years old and lives in Brazil. Her letter is dated May 2nd, 2017. I am just loving how quickly these letters are arriving. 


Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

How are you? I'm happy writing to you again. My family and I are doing okay. At school I am doing the 8th grade, with good grades. I have difficulties with mathematics but I am studying a lot to be better. I like studying geography. In my free time I like to go to the project to talk with my friends. Here I am doing computer and Bible study courses. For your meditation, read Proverbs 22:4, "Humility is the fear of the Lord; its wages are riches and honor and life." I'm finishing this letter saying thanks to the Lord for you to do part of my life. May God bless you with health and peace. 

Hugs of your sponsored child, 


Next, I received a letter template from Bryan. I have really been hearing from him a lot lately. Much more than once every two months, that's for sure! This year, I have received letters from him in January, April, and now twice in May. I love that! However, this letter is several months old. It was one of those letters that got mixed up in the new system and is just now making it's way to me. 

This letter is written on the My Friends template. 

Bryan is 8 years old and lives in Nicaragua. He wrote this letter on December 4th, 2016. 


1. What I like to do best with my friends is: Play 

2. My best friend's name is: Kevin 

3. My best friend is 10 years old. 

4. My best friend is special because: He plays with me 

5. I met my best friend at: School 

6. I meet with my best friend: At Home 

Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

I am Bryan's tutor. The boy wants to tell you that he is happy that he is headed to 3rd grade of primary school. He says he will learn new things. He wants to know if you have a best friend. What is their name? He wants to tell you he loves you and sends you lots of kisses and hugs. Blessings! 


Onto a letter from Emanise! This is the second letter I have received from her this month. The last letter I received from her was the result of an inquiry, as it had been almost a whole year since I heard from her. In that letter, I didn't really get any new information or good details, but today's letter is great! I have my chatty girl back, it seems! 

I love how she talks about the presidential election in her country. She seems like a very mature young lady. 

Emanise is 17 years old and lives in Haiti. This letter is dated February 20th, 2017. 


Dear Kayla, 

I feel glad to write this letter to you. Before all, I do greet you. How are you and your whole family doing? As for me, everything is going well, thanks to God. Kayla, I have some questions for you. Why do you like to take care of children? Why do you love God? What is the name of your grandfather? Let me tell you about my country now. Last January 29th, we had the second round of the presidential election. The elected president took an oath on February 7th. His name is Jovenel Moise and he is 48 years old. He said, "My dear compatriots, the feeling that I have on this day, February 7th, is a feeling of humility." As summary, the president says that he and his team are going to try to accomplish great things. They are going to build more roads to encourage travel to the areas that were devastated by Cyclone Matthew. They also are going to build more schools. We all hope he keeps his promises. Kayla, I was glad to hear from you through your most recent letter. Please continue to pray for me to gain much more intelligence to do well in class. I pray the Lord Jesus, in his immense love, may watch over you and grant you to enjoy agreeable days. I am sharing Psalm 24:1 with you. Thank you for the Bible references. They help me to be on guard in in the Lord. Thank you, as well, for your letters. 



And to end, a letter from Nikko, who has always been one of my most chatty guys. I love this kiddo young man very much! This letter, like others, has been stuck in the system for a very long time. This one almost a year! 

Nikko is 18 years old and lives in the Philippines. His letter is dated Augsut 18th, 2016. 


Dear Kayla, 

Hi! I received two letters from you, my friend. Thank you for writing to me again. Thank you for sharing Bible verses and thank you for sharing a great poem about friendship. Here, since I am talkative and friendly, I can consider that I have a lot of friends with me. Some are my neighbors. And yes, it is true that is good to have true friends. It was taught to us at the center also that we should be careful in choosing friends because it will influence us in either positive or negative ways. It is how bad company corrupts good character. I really hope that along the way, I will be able to choose good ones. I am still young and there are so many things I still have to experience and go through. I guess that would be one of my prayer requests to you. Also at the center, our previous activities were Recognition Day, summer outing, and the feeding program. I must say these activities were so much fun and memorable. How about you? What are your activities there? Thank you for all your prayers for my family. God bless you always. 



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