Sunday, June 4, 2017

First Sunday Advocate: June 2017

I have a whole list of boys to share with you today. I usually try to keep the list to ten kids or less, but there were just too many boys I fell in love with, so you get 13 boys this month. Please pray that these boys will find a sponsor. Prayer warriors, gather!

Each of these boys attends a project that one of my children do. I will list the name of my child in parenthesis, so you can know exactly which child that is.

You can click on the text under each photo to be taken to that child's profile page. Then, you can share with friends or sponsor that child yourself.

Manasse has been sponsored! 

Kevin has been sponsored! 

Vitor has been sponsored! 

Alejandro lives with his grandmother and his uncle. 

Carlos has found a sponsored! 

Billy has found a sponsor! 

Zander is visually impaired

Don't you love his hair?!

Eh-kalue-so is part of the Karen tribe, which is seen as lower class

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