Monday, January 25, 2016

Three New Correspondent Kids!

Hi Everyone!

As you may know, from reading my blog, I love having 50 kids in my sponsorship family, at all times. It's just the perfect number for me. I love getting to know that many kids and writing letters to them all. However, awhile back, I lost correspondent children due to a mix-up with Compassion's computer system. I was one of hundreds of correspondent sponsors to lose children, so as you can imagine, the waiting list for new kids became very long. Months long. In fact, I've been on the list for new kids since the beginning of September.

Along the way, the financial sponsor of Fongwin cancelled his sponsorship and I picked up it, so technically, I was only 2 children away from my goal of 50, but decided to stay on the waiting list for three kids, due to Lazarus graduating in March of this year.

After a long wait, three new faces arrived, all on the same day! :) Please welcome these new kiddos to my family:

10 year old Indresh from India

9 year old Fetehalew from Ethiopia

5 year old Tarimu from Ethiopia

As always, it was love at first site when I saw these kids on my account. I'm always amazed at how quickly I fall in love with these children. I've already sent my first letter off to them and I am looking forward to building a wonderful relationship with them! 

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  1. Congrats!!! What lovely new faces!!! I like being at 50 also, and we lost 6 in August. So far we've received 3 new faces and I'm still on the list for 3 more. Hopefully they'll arrive soon!!!