Thursday, January 14, 2016

Another Three Letters to Share

January has certainly been a busy letter month, so far. If this is a sign of things to come in 2016, I am thrilled!

First up, I'll share Sagitaria's letter, who is one of my favorite artists. Sagitaria is 11 years old and lives in Indonesia. This letter is dated November 10th, 2015.


Shalom Mama, 

How are you? I am fine here. I think a good teacher is the one who loves his students, has patience, and teaches his students wholeheartedly. My favorite type of music is spiritual music. Mama, soon I will face some exams. Please pray for me. The project has some practices for the Christmas program. I'll be dancing in the program. That's all for now. I look forward to your letter. God bless. 



Next, a letter from Enantenesh. Usually she is quite chatty in her letters, but not so much in this letter. She must have been distracted by something more interesting going on at the project. :) 

Enantenesh is 18 years old and lives in Ethiopia. She wrote this letter on October 21st, 2015. 


Dear Kayla,

How are you doing my beloved and respected sponsor? I am doing fine. My family forwards their best regards. Thank you so much for your support through the project. I got school materials. I am attending Sunday school class. I am a grade 8 student. I will be in grade 9 next year. I pray for you. Bye. 



Lastly, a letter from Lazarus. He graduates in March, so this will probably be one of the last letters I receive from him. I love hearing about all of the goals he is accomplishing. I know that he is going to have a great future! 

Lazarus is 21 years old and lives in Kenya. He wrote this letter on November 14th, 2015. 


Dear Kayla,

Hi! How are you? I hope you are fine with me here in Kenya. I am fine. My family members are also fine. How about your family members? 

At school, I am going on well with my studies and working extra hard to achieve my goals. I would like to inform you that I enrolled in college this year, in January and I have completed my first year. I am pursuing a diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. I will be taking it for three years. Since I have completed my first year, I will begin my second year in January 2016. 

At home, I am going on well with my daily duties in assisting my parents to look after a family cow and sheep. I also take part in cleaning the compound. My parents are farmers and they earn a living through farming activities. I am the only child in Compassion in my family. 

I would like to thank you for the photos you sent to me. I really enjoyed the wedding photos of your friend and I am happy to see how beautiful it was. I would like to inform you that I have not attended any recent weddings. During the lunar eclipse, I was not able to see it because we were really affected by the rainy weather in our country. 

Lastly, I would like to inform you that I really pray for the success of your new job and I also request you to pray for me, as I am still going on with my studies. Let me share with you a verse from the book of Jeremiah 29:11, which says, "I alone know the plans for you, says the Lord. Plans to bring prosperity and not disaster, plans to give you future hope." Thank you and may God bless you. 

Your Loving Son,


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