Sunday, January 10, 2016

Letters from HO-416

Yesterday, I received letters from both of my kids at project HO-416. They both wrote about themselves and their families. 

First up, a letter from Jairo. He's still little, so he filled out a template. 

Jairo is 8 years old. He wrote his letter on December 2nd, 2015. 


I like to be called: Jairo
I am the 1st of 2 children in the family. 
I am 116 centimeters tall.
The color of my hair is: Black
The color of my eyes is: Brown
One thing I do really well is: Take care of my brother
One thing I really like to do is: Play cars
When I grow up, I want to be: A teacher

I want to ask you to pray for my family, so we always stay together. I would like to meet you in person. I ask God for the opportunity to see you someday. 



Now, Nahomy's letter. Along the same lines as Jairo's. Gotta love letter writing themes. They really help the kids share important information. 


Hi My Sponsor Kayla, 

I'm very happy to be able to greet you again. Everyday I thank God that you are my sponsor. Let me tell you some things about me. We are three siblings and we live with our mom and dad. We are a happy family. Every passing day, God blesses us in big ways. At home, I help my mom in the kitchen and I also like to play with my friends. We play different kinds of games, like jumping rope, soccer, and dolls. When I'm older, I want to be a professor and I would like to teach math. I ask you to pray for me and my parents so that we can always be together. God bless you. I say goodbye with affection. 



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