Thursday, November 26, 2015

Two Letters to be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm posting this at 1:00 in the morning, so I can officially say that.

Yesterday, I received two lovely letters.

First up, a letter from Enmanuel. His tutor helped him write the letter, but Enmanuel did sign his own name. Based on his handwriting, it might be another year or so before he's writing letters completely on his own. But, I'm sure he'll learn quickly!

Enmanuel is 8 years old and lives in the Dominican Republic. His letter is dated September 8th, 2015.


Dear Kayla, 

God bless you. How are you? My family and I are fine. I already started school and I'm doing very well. My siblings are living with my father and I'm living with my mother now. When my brothers come to see me, I feel very happy and they treat me very good. I'm in 3rd grade and my teacher's name is Ada. I thank you a lot for your letter and I would like ot keep learning about you. I ask prayer for my studies, to continue doing well. 

God Bless,


I also received a letter from Jose. This just happens to be his second letter THIS MONTH. It's always so exciting to hear from a child so often. I love Compassion, don't you?! 

Jose is 17 years old and lives in Peru. He wrote this letter on September 28th, 2015. 


Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

Hello, dear sponsor. Greetings with a big hug and a kiss and with the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope you are healthy. I want to tell you that the Independence Day of Peru is July 28th. All the schools participate in a parade in the main square. People put up a Peruvian flag on the roofs. I also like watching fireworks. The are very beautiful and colorful. In my country, we have 24 departments of agriculture. In my country, we plant potatoes, corn, quinoa, and kiwicha. Our native animals are vicuna, alpaca, and viscacha. What is your parent's mission in the church? Pray for me and my parents. I will pray for you and your friend Taye. I say goodbye with a big hug and kiss on your cheek. 



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