Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Good News Almost Always Comes in Threes

Have you noticed that?

In the past, I've gotten great sponsorship news in threes; three correspondent children at a time, three photo updates at a time, and three letters at a time. Today, I received three wonderful letters, to stick with that pattern.

First up, a letter from little Jairo. He wrote on the My House template and then also included a message, written with help from his tutor.

Jairo is 8 years old and lives in Honduras. His letter is not dated. (Actually, the date space is filled with his birthdate. My girl Nahomy, from the same project, does that too).


1. In my house, I sleep: In a bed
2. I get water from: The Faucet
3. I get food from: The Mini-market
4. My house is made of: Wood
5. My house has a floor of: Dirt
6. My house has a roof of: Iron Sheets
7. At night, we illuminate our house with: Electricity 
8. I wash my clothes in:  A Stone 

Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

Thank you for the letter and picture you sent for Jairo. They are very pretty. Jairo says that he knows Nahomy. They are not in the same classroom, but they share time together during recess with the other children from the project. He wants to tell you about his family. He lives with his mother, stepfather, and little sister Moncho. His favorite pastime is to play ball and cars. His favorite food is rice. He also likes going to school. He says there is no Vacation Bible School. He thanks you for everything and he asks you to keep praying for his family. Thank you so much. God bless you. 


Next, a letter from Maria. I've been receiving letters from here about every month, which is pretty great, especially since Compassion children are only required to write every two months. Maria must love to write! 

Maria is 11 years old and lives in Brazil. Her letter is dated August 24th, 2015. 


Hello Dear Sponsor, 

How are you doing? I am doing very well. I had a great school break in July. My aunt took me to the cinema and we watched a very funny movie. We came back to the project last week and we had leisure time, which was very nice. We are going to have a literature fair at school and it is going to be very good. The teacher that will be with us in our classroom is teacher Fernanda, who is a great teacher. How is your family? Mine is great. When is your birthday? What is your favorite color? Mine is purple. Kisses from your friend. 



Last up, a letter from Jose. I am always amazed at his handwriting. It's so teeny, tiny and just perfect. You don't typically see a young man with such beautiful handwriting. He has a gift. 

Jose is 17 years old and lives in Peru. He wrote this letter on September 28th, 2015. 


Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

Hello dear sponsor. Greetings with a big hug and a kiss, with the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope you are healthy. I am doing well with my father and siblings. Yes, I am praying for you and Taye. What animals does Taye's father raise? I want to tell you that it has started getting cold here. It is too cold. For the anniversary of my project, on September 11th, we had a very beautiful time because we played soccer and volleyball against other levels. We shared God's word with others. What did you feel when you accepted Jesus Christ into your heart? Pray for me and my family that we may continue doing well. We pray for you and your family. I say goodbye with a hug and kiss on your cheek. 

Jose Romario


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