Saturday, November 7, 2015

Step Into My World: City of Addis Ababa

Hello there! Lets head back to Ethiopia together!  Today, we'll learn more about Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa.

I have one child living in this city. That is Enatenesh:

You can find the city labeled with a star on the map, located right in the middle of the country.  

Addis Ababa is a big city, like any other city we can imagine. It has big buildings, bustling crowds, cars, buses, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. However, for the families that live in poverty in the city, life is very different.  The slums outside of the city are very dirty, crowded and homes are built with scrap materials. For most families here, even though they live so close to the big city, most will never visit the city, simply because they can't afford to. On a positive note, because it is so close to the city, almost all the families, even in the deepest of poverty, have access to electricity and clean drinking water. That is great! 

Most adults in this area are unemployed. In the city, there are just not many jobs available for uneducated people. Some people, mostly men, are able to find jobs as daily laborers or farmers that travel outside of the city to work on plantations. For those that are able to afford the start up costs, some families will own a roadside stand where they can sell things like fruits, vegetables, clothing, etc. 

Due to the fact that the best jobs are only available to the educated few, Compassion ensures that every child that attends their project receives a proper education in a school. When needed, Compassion provides school fees, uniforms, and school supplies to the children. After school, Compassion tutors help children complete homework and teach additional lessons, when it's necessary. Compassion is really working to change the future of these children through education. 

After homework time, it's play time! Children are taught large group games, that encourage teamwork, socialization, and cooperation. Children are also given time to play freely, allowing them to develop close relationships with other children their age. 

Each day at the project ends with a time of prayer. Children are taught that we have a loving God who loves them and cares for their future. Children are encouraged to pray for the needs of themselves, their families, and their communities. Compassion Addis Ababa asks us to join in prayer for the following: 

- Pray for the protection of sponsored children and youths from bad influences in the city, such as alcohol and drugs. 

- Pray that the church-based Compassion centers will make a difference in the way children and youths perceive themselves. 

- Pray that children and youths will have hope for the future and be inspired to strive for the best. 

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