Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Miraj Girls Needing a Sponsor

I have taken a leap of faith and I am now completely focusing my advocacy completely on one project and that project is IN-868. If you've been on my blog for even a short time, you know how much I love this project.

Here is a little bit of background on this Compassion project. It is located smack dab in the middle of a community called the Miraj Red Light District. Like most red light districts, the main profession here is sex work. Most of the women in this community work as sex workers, most against their own will. Many women were sold into the brothels by their own families, out of desperation that comes from poverty. Some of the women were kidnapped as girls and sold into the sex trade, against their will. Other women joined the trade "by choice" when there were no other jobs to be found and they needed money to take care of their families. Sadly, once you are in the sex trade, you not leave, ever. Even if the pimps would allow the women to leave, the caste system in India will label them as "untouchable" for the rest of their lives. It is truly a dark, horrible place to live. Many of the children, especially girls are at risk of getting sucked into the sex trade, especially if their mothers are already in it. It's then considered "the family business."

Compassion International is working very hard to rescue as many children as they can. They are teaching the children in the community that they are not worthless, God loves them, they matter to this world, and that they can grow up to do anything. The past does not dictate their future.

For only $38 a month, you can provide this child with a safe place to go before and after school, a curriculum that allows them to learn about Jesus, healthy meals that they don't receive at home, quality health care, and a place to play, safe from the streets of the sex trade. It's really a miracle for so little money.

Even then, there is icing on the cake. I am connected to a church in Georgia that runs an orphanage in this community. It is not connected to Compassion in any way, but this church visits the community at least once a year. When they go, they are also able to visit many of the Compassion kids and take pictures of them for their sponsors. There is a special Facebook page for sponsors in this project and pictures and stories are shared regularly.

I have 2 precious girls to share with you that need sponsors. Thanks to this wonderful church, I also have extra pictures of these girls.

Ankita has been sponsored!

Shradha has also been sponsored! 


  1. Kayla, they're just precious!!!! Oh for limitless funds. And I feel this way about BR-417... That's why I ask for so many packets from there. I hope you're able to find sponsors soon!!!

  2. Limitless funds is right....I wish!!! I would take Shradha in a heartbeat. I will say a prayer about it.