Friday, May 15, 2015

Community Updates 2014: Bagbo ADP

Just like last year, World Vision has updated my account with several pictures and even a few videos of what has been going on in the community in the last year.

I will share these updates with you, one sponsored child at a time. I think it's so fun to see how the children and the overall community has benefited with World Vision's help.

First up, I will share about Abu's community, which is called Bagbo. It is in Sierra Leone.

A group of kids work on filling out their yearly progress reports. :) 

As a way to make income, the women of the community were given a cassava processing machine. The cassava can then be sold in the local market. Side note, I love the cute baby in the sling. 

Children and their families celebrating Christmas with a dance party!

Parents in the community have a training about health and hygiene.

After hard work, the community set up a savings and loan program to help families when they need it. The starting money was generated by people in the community, which will then be lent out to a family in need. When the money is paid back, it will be available for another family to borrow. I think this is fantastic! 

And just for a little cuteness, here are some kids outside of their school, just playing a fun game of tag. 

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  1. These community updates with photos are so neat. Thanks for sharing them!