Friday, December 6, 2013

Update from Karanja

I received a new photo and some new information for my boy in Kenya. Karanja is now 14 years old. Here is a collage I made of the three photos I have of him now:

You can see him age from 11 years old to 14 1/2 years old. I think he looks so healthy, especially compared to his first photo. He's also getting so tall!

Most of his information stayed the same, as it appears to be the norm. I would like to see the interests update when my children's photos update, but that has never been the case. Perhaps all of my kids just have the same interests still. That is definitely a possibility. 

His grade in school did update, though. In Kenya, the school years starts in January and Karanja will be starting 8th grade. His graduation date, from Compassion has also been set. He will graduate in July of 2021, right when he's about to turn 22 years old. We have quite a bit of time together still. :)  

Any updates for your kids recently? 

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  1. That's so fun that you received Karanja's update!! He does look like such a healthy young man now. And I hope that you guys have a good number of years together!! I have noticed that most of my kids interests don't change and wondered like you did if it's because they really didn't change or if they aren't updated. But I've had two kids who's interests changed, so I'm wondering if it might depend on the project? Just thoughts….