Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jhon Writes Again

I love how often Jhon writes. I hear from him every two months, or less, without fail. I last heard from Jhon on October 10th. Like always, he had much to say and shared many great things about his life. He's such a good pen pal, I must say. He answers my questions, shares new information, and is interested in the things I have to say. He's a great guy.

Jhon is 14 years old and is from Bolivia.


Dear Friend Kayla, 

Hello. I greet you with the peace of the Lord. Thanks for sending me the letter and photo. You look very beautiful. 

In my country of Bolivia, I live in Santa Cruz city. The flag of my country is red, yellow, and green. Main religion: Christianity. Main Language: Spanish. 

In school I am learning physics, chemistry, and math. In my church there are not many babies, but kids go down with the teacher and the tutors stay in church. 

My dog Princess takes care of the house. She likes playing with a soccer ball. 

I imagine the ocean is nice like paradise. 

In  my church, there is a group on Saturday night for young people and we play Biblical Outrage (I checked the translation and it's right. I wonder what kind of game that is). We learn verses and other fun things. 

I say goodbye with the peace of the Lord. May God bless you and your family. I will be always praying for you. Pray for my family. 




  1. What a fun letter!! We have two correspondent teen boys from Bolivia and they also write frequently and detailed letters. They're such a blessing to me. I love what Jhon shared about his dog! And the Biblical Outrage game sounds interesting…you'll have to ask him how to play! I'd love to hear how it's played if you find out!

    1. Jhon really does write such great letters. It seems like most letters from Bolivia are fantastic. Jhon shared about hist dog awhile back and in one of my response letters, I asked what Princess likes to do. I love that he answered my question. In my response letter this time, I definitely asked him if he could tell me more about Biblical Outrage. I will share if he tells me!