Monday, December 30, 2013

Gifts and Dreams

I have two letters to share with you today. Jackpot!

First up, I received a letter from Elias over the weekend. I was glad to hear from him because it had been over 7 months since I received his first letter in May. This letter was sharing the things he was able to buy with a money gift that his financial sponsor sent him. I'm glad to hear that he and his family were able to get many things that they needed. The letter also came with a picture, which is awesome, of course.

His letter was dated September 5th, 2013.


Dear Kayla, 

How are you my dear guardian? My family and I are doing very well. Praise God. I study hard and help my family as well. I also attend my Sunday school once a week. I made progress in my schooling. Thank you about all your charity. Praise God. With the money, I could get hair oil, soaps, cereals, cakes, flour, shoes, and clothes. Thank you very much. I also could get school materials and uniforms. I helped me to learn successfully. Thank you about your charity. God bless you. Pray for my studies. See you in my next letter. Bye bye!! 


I love seeing all the cooking materials they were able to buy. I wonder what his mom is preparing in this picture. From what I can see, the big wheat bag is full of clothing, which is awesome! Also, it looks like they had some money left over to keep for further purchases. What a generous gift from Elias's financial sponsor! 


Today I had a wonderful first day back to work after an extended vacation. I work as a nanny and the family went to visit family for two weeks. I sure missed the kiddos and I was happy to see them again today. We had a great day, especially playing with all the new Christmas toys. Gotta love that!

Then, when I got home, I found a letter from my sweet girl, Dafyne, who lives in Brazil. She wrote on the My Dreams template. It was very interesting to read her answers to the questions.

This letter was written September 6th, 2013.


My Dreams

1. When I grow up I want to be a: Teacher

2. One day I would like to visit: Where my sponsor lives

3. I would like to help my family: To buy a house for my mother because she lives at her mother's house. 

4. My greatest dream is to: Grow up and help my family 

5. I would like to meet my sponsor because: I don't know her and I will take her to see my house. 

Questions for my Sponsor:  Have you accomplished your dreams? What's your biggest dream? What place would you like to visit? 


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  1. I love Elias' photo of what he bought with his financial sponsor's gift!! Wow! He was able to buy quite a bit! And I'm glad that you were finally able to hear from him after waiting so long for another letter. And what a cute letter from Dafyne!! I love that she wants to give her mom a house…and that she wants to get to know you. I hope that your Brazil trip works out and that you'll be able to do so!!