Monday, December 9, 2013

Things Are Returning Back to Normal

Today I received a letter from Khushi. Khushi is 10 years old (was 9 when she wrote this letter) and lives in Northern India, in the Himalayan mountains. Her community, and many other communities in Northern India, were greatly affected by heavy rains and severe flooding early in the summer of this year. Khushi wrote me a letter telling me that in the flood, her uncle died and many things were destroyed. I'm happy to hear, in this letter, that things are better now.

Khushi writes in English so there is no need for translation. Gotta love that.

In July, I sent all my kids a letter about the United States and shared many facts about the country. Khushi copied by exact list and answered questions about India. Super cool!


My Dearest Sponsor Kayla, 

Greetings from India. I hope you are well. Me and my family are also doing well. I am so much thankful to you for your country. Thank you for appreciating me. I really love learning about you. Your country is great. I am continue going to my school and also to the project program in the evening. I am happy and thankful to God that I can play, have fun, and learn together with friends. I thank God that I have a great friend that is you. Sometimes we have drawing, singing, and painting competitions. I love all these because I always win. (Well, that's a good reason to like them) I also love to learn more about God and Jesus. They teach us new stories, bible verses, etc. 

This is October and weather is so good. Rain has stopped and we are preparing to sow wheat crop in the fields. Now the conditions are normal as everything had become so difficult during the flood in June. We all are well now. Here are some of the information about my country: 

Country: India
Population: 1 billion
National Bird: Peacock 
National Flower: Lotus
Independence Day: 15th August
Capital City: Delhi 
National Song: Jah Gah Manadhinayah Jayetle
Main Language: Hindi
Main Religion: Hindu 



  1. That's so sad about Khushi's uncle. But what a great letter from her!!! I'm impressed that she took the time to answer all those questions about her country! And her reason for liking drawing, singing and painting competitions made me laugh. She must be a talented girl!

    1. It's definitely sad that he died. However, I am wondering if this "uncle" is actually her uncle. I know in India, the terms "uncle" and "auntie" are used for any male or female that the child knows. This can be their parents siblings, or simply neighbors, close friends of the family, etc. Of course, it is still sad that somebody she knows died, but as young girl, she may have not known him too closely.