Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Life Changing Letters from Eric

On Friday, I received two letters from Eric, my young man in Uganda. I have been corresponding with Eric for two years now and I consider him like a younger brother to me. He has told me a few times that I'm like a mother to him, but seeing as he's 18 and I'm 24, it's not a feeling that I have. Of course, I'm not going to tell him that. :) I often sign my letters as his older sister.

Anyway, these two letters had some pretty powerful statements in them and it, yet again, has shown me how important it is to write letters to these kids. The encouragement we provide in our letters can truly be life changing for them. I write faithfully to all of my kids and Eric has shown me the most what a difference writing can make. If recall this post that I wrote about Eric almost exactly a year ago, it truly does show how much writing has encouraged Eric in his school work. His handwriting is now confident, neat, and error-free.

But, now we are beyond that. In his most recent letters, he says some statements that really just reminded me why I sponsor children and why I choose to encourage my children through writing. I'm sure you'll be able to find the statements, but I'm going to bold them for you anyway, just in case.

Side note: The only complaint I have about Eric's letters, is that he writes them, I'm assuming in 1st person, and the translator doesn't directly translate them. Instead, he/she uses the 3rd person when translating. It makes it seem more impersonal.


Dear Kayla,

Receive love greetings from Eric, your friend. Eric loves you so much and appreciates for the support rendered to him. Eric prays for you day and night that one time he hopes to meet you physically. Eric says that the day you come, he will slaughter for you a goat. 

He is grateful for you and especially for your prayers towards his family. Eric says that he is back to school from a short break. This is third term and he requests you to pray for him to pass to another year. 

Eric sends greetings to the entire family members and the message is that he loves you all. God bless you. 



Dear Kayla, 

Receive calvary greetings from your friend Eric. Eric says that he is doing well and studying hard at school. Eric says that he loves you so, so much and that he is happy for your great love towards him. He says that you have made him enjoy life and school again because of your care. He says that may God richly bless you. 

He appreciates for the recent gift he received. With this gift, Eric says that he was able to buy trousers, a shirt, food, and scholastic materials. Eric says that you are doing a great thing in his life. Thank you so much. May God give you strength in whatever you do. 

Eric informs you that the project staff love him so much and that whatever you send through the project, he receives. He sends you a bible verse: John 1:7. 

Eric sends greetings from his dear mother and brother. They are fine. He adds that the sun is shining here in Kisoro, Uganda and everything is dry. He is soon doing exams and requests you to pray for him. 

He concludes by sending his greetings to your family members. God bless you. 


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  1. What special letters!! It's so encouraging to hear what an impact your care is making in Eric's life. He sounds like such a precious young man. And what an honor that he'd slaughter a goat for you!