Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Great Info from Fongwin

Yesterday, I got a letter from my boy Fongwin, who lives in Thailand. Since the beginning, Fongwin's letters have full of great information and questions that help lead us into a conversation. I really enjoy reading and responding to his letters. There is always plenty to talk about in a response letter.

Here is what my Thai buddy had to say to me: 


Dear Kayla, 

Hello. I am very glad to write you a letter again. I am very glad to know that you received my letter also. Thank you for your sponsorship and thinking of me always. I and my family are doing fine. Hopefully you are doing well, aren't you? I go to school everyday. I go there with my older sister. Sometimes I walk. Sometimes I ride a bicycle. My school has started a new term in May. My older sister's name is Tai. She is 13 years old. My older brother's name is Tuey. He is 17 years old. He is studying on higher level in a school in the city. It is raining at my place very much now. There was a storm from a neighbor country. Thailand got some effects, but it was not serious. Has your place ever had a serious storm? Please pray for my study. Finally, my God bless you and your family with happiness always. 

Love in Christ,
Thawatchai (Fongwin's Formal Name)



  1. What a great letter from Fongwin. He really does share a lot of info...I love how he shared about his siblings and how he gets to school!