Monday, October 14, 2013

A Change in the Line-Up

Some of you may have noticed already (a few of you are really great at that) but, a new face has joined the photo line on the right side of my blog. And sadly, a face has disappeared.

Early last week, I got an email from Compassion telling me that my boy Gemechu had been taken off of my account. His financial sponsor has decided that he would like to write to Gemechu. While this news is always sad, this is one time where I feel more happy than sad. You see, Gemechu has a wonderful financial sponsor. This sponsor sends money financial gifts to Gemechu and his family. I get long letters  full of thank yous and lists of everything Gemechu has been able to purchase with the money. Gemechu's sponsor has even been to visit him in Ethiopia, in his community. I received a picture of Gemechu with his financial sponsor together. I am very happy that Gemechu's sponsor has decided to take that extra step in getting to know him through letters. I know it's going to be a great thing for both of them. So, I say farewell to Gemechu:

This email, that I received, came directly from Janna, who is the person in charge of assigning correspondent children. She typically does not email people directly (from my experience anyway) so it did surprise me that she emailed me. I responded to her email about how happy I am for Gemechu and his financial sponsor. At the end of the email, because I just couldn't help it, I asked for another correspondent child to be added to my account. Janna responded that she would add me to the list and assign a child when one was available. Imagine my surprise when not even a whole day later, another child was on my account!

Meet Alexander:

Alexander is 12 years old and he lives in Honduras. Another precious Honduran child to visit on my next trip to Honduras. Excited! 

His information says that he is 4th grade, but that was last year, so I'm assuming that he is now in 5th grade. He has average performance in school.

Alexander helps at home by running errands, cleaning, and caring for animals. 

For fun, he enjoys playing ball games, riding a bike, and listening to music. 

Alexander lives with his father and mother, who are both employed as daily laborers. 

I am very excited to get to know this handsome young man. 


  1. I understand the bittersweet feeling of having a sponsor take over the correspondence. It's great news compared to the financial sponsor ceasing the sponsorship, but always a little sad to say goodbye. It sounds like Gemechu has a great sponsor, though! And how neat that Alexander is from Honduras!!!! That would be so neat if you could visit Celeste again and see Alexander!

    1. Of course, the next time I go to Honduras, I will also be visiting my new little girl, Debora. We can't leave her out! :)