Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pastor Letter from Derrick's Project

Today I want to share the pastor letter from Derrick's project. Derrick is one of my newer correspondent children and is attends project UG-428 in Uganda.


Dear Sponsor,

Receive greetings in the name of the risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from Buhimba Hoima, Uganda.

My name is Teo Irumba (Rev.), the parish pastor at Buhimba Child Development Center where we serve your Compassion-sponsored child. The center is located near Hoima town in the midwestern region of Uganda, East Africa.

(Actual Photo of UG-428)

I am very thankful to you for the continued support (moral, financial and prayers) that you have always extended to your sponsored child. You have been of great help, and our center is very proud to have people like you willing to sacrifice their resources for the sake of the children in Buhimba.

As a pastor at the centre, I spend lots of time with the children doing praise and worship, watching their drama and doing Bible study, in addition to visiting and ministering to the children's families. The ministry to children has been and continues to have a lasting impact on the way of life at the church.

Most of the children come from families with a humble background, most of whom live on less than half a dollar a day; yet they are mainly extended in nature (large families comprising of not only biological children but also other children like cousins, nephews, etc.). In most cases, the children have been left in the care of aging grandparents, while the parents have died of AIDS or malaria. Other parents simply abandon children to forge a life in the city.

The biggest means of survival for these families is by subsistence farming, which however is becoming unreliable, as pieces of land have been subdivided into smaller plots to accommodate the increasing population.

With such background therefore, your support means a lot for the children and their families. A letter of encouragement to the children means a lot and many of them return home with a smile after receiving a letter from a loving and caring friend overseas. Please continue to write and support these children as we together build a meaningful future for them.

Our staff members are all hard-working and always do their best to help mentor the children. They spend lots of time teaching, counseling, playing and making fun with the children as a way of bringing them closer to the church and the gospel of Christ. Through this center, we have been able to win the souls of nonbelievers who started recognizing the value of the church in the community. The centre is a tool in fighting cults that lead to death.

It's very clear that the center has had an impact in lives of the children since it started two years ago. The formerly malnourished and sickly children have all improved as a result of the medical attention and services as well as the training extended to the children and their caregivers respectively.

I once again thank you for the innumerable support that you have extended to us in Buhimba and to your sponsored child. 

May you be blessed and rewarded abundantly by the risen Christ in eternity.
Rev. Teo Irumba



  1. That's so neat that you were able to find a photo of Derrick's project!!! Again, it's always so eye-opening to read these letters from the pastors.

    1. I found the picture on O.C. A member had visited the project and posted the picture on the member's only page for that project. It's great to see!