Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cream Colored Envelopes Make Me Happpy

Before I started sponsoring with Compassion, I would have told you that cream is one of the most boring colors in the world. It's up there with beige, eggshell, gray, etc. But, now, I search everyday for cream in the mailbox. Love it!

Today, I saw a double dose of cream in the mailbox. Two letters from two lovely kiddos.

First, I opened a letter from Sagitaria, who lives in Indonesia. In this letter, she was answering my questions about her family. She has a lot of siblings and I was curious about what it was like.


Shalom Mama Kayla, 

How are you? I am fine here and praise the Lord I am in Grade 5 already. Now, I am enjoying my school holiday which last for forty days 

If I may answer your questions this way. 1. It is quite amusing to have many siblings. 2. I love having a big family and I feel fortunate. 3. It isn't difficult at all having a large family. 

Thank you, Mama Kayla for the photos, stickers, and letter. 

The Lord Jesus bless you. 



I also got a letter from Jhon, my young man in Bolivia. In this letter, he is answering the list of questions I asked him about his school and a few questions about him from other letters are thrown in there too. He certainly is good at answering questions! 


Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

Greetings to you with the peace of the Lord! I am happy for the letter you sent me. And answering your questions. When I am with my friends and my family, I am very happy. When I am sad, I listen to music and play soccer. I am not afraid of anything, because God is with me. Yes, I have a nickname  and I am called Cruzito (Little Cross). Yes, you can call me by that name, if you want. I write with my right hand. I go to bed at 9 or 10 p.m and I get up at 7 a.m. When I was little, I resembled my older brother, but now I don't resemble anybody. My favorite sports are volleyball and soccer. At school, I wear a uniform: blue formal pants, a white shirt, and shoes. At school, I am in the 2nd grade of secondary school now. I take 14 subjects at school. Yes, there is a library at my school. We also have sports teams. I have physical education classes on Saturdays. Yes, there are computers at my school. My classmates and I sit in pairs in the classroom. Students start school at 5 years old in my country and they graduate at 18. 

Thank for the questions. I am very happy for having got the letters. 

I ask you to pray for my family, please. Thanks. 




  1. Great answers to your questions! : )

  2. What great letters!! I love how the kids answered your questions! I'm glad that Sagitaria finds having many siblings "amusing." And how fun that Jhon told you his nickname and said you can call him by it!!