Friday, October 11, 2013

Three More Letters Arrived Today!

It's certainly been a very good Friday. I got a ton accomplished at work (which doesn't always happen on a Friday), I stopped for coffee on the way home (Coffee=Love), and when I came home and checked the mail, there were three lovely cream colored envelopes in there. Three of them! That beats the two from yesterday. It's definitely been a good mail week around here.

First, I heard from Sadiya, from India. This is the first letter that she has written completely on her own. She wrote it in her own language. I'm not sure what language that is, though. I think she told me she speaks/writes Hindi in her past letters. Anyway, this is a short letter, with pretty basic information, but I am happy. By the looks of the letter, it seems that she struggles with handwriting and I think she did a great job.

This letter was written August 27th.

Dear sponsor Kayla,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Myself and my family are doing good here. Hoping you are also doing good. I read in 3rd grade and there are 20 classrooms in my school. I got your letters and I got so excited. The weather here is very good. Please do pray for my studies. I miss you a lot. 

Yours Lovingly,


Also from India, I got a letter from my little brother, Kalpesh. Man. This kid is so great. I wish he was really my little brother and I could see him all the time. He's pretty special. He always fills up every bit of space on the letter paper when he writes and he squeezes in as much detail as he can. 

This letter was written on August 28th. 

Dear Sister Kayla, 

Greetings to you in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

I am very happy to receive  your letters and photographs. Thank you so much for that and especially thanks for your valuable prayers for me and my family. 

I heard you have a lot of pets in your home. Do you love them? The Dudley dog color is very nice. How does Dudley throw ball and pick up and bring it back to you? Turtle is 20 years old. That is really amazing for me. 

In last letter, you asked some questions, but I didn't give all answers. Something I tell you. I am happy to live with my mother. (This makes me sad because his mother lives far away from him) When I was a small child, I played with cars. I use my right hand for writing. My favorite sport is cricket. I go to bed at 9:00 at night and up at 5:30 in the morning. 

Before this also, I heard the story about Good Samaritan. That is my favorite story. In Christmas program we performed that skit and I did the role of Donkey. (How cute is that?!)

Again, I heard you attended the church service. Your pastor is a very kind man. Sometimes I attend Sunday school. In our church, there are 50-55 people attending for worship. 

I saw your uncle's wedding photograph. I think it is a very interesting time for your uncle and your family. In my community, we also celebrate wedding ceremony, but bride and groom wear colorful dress. After wedding, we also have a party.

My study is going well. How are you and your job? God bless you. 

Your Brother,


Lastly, I got my first letter from Debora in Honduras! I can't believe I got this letter already. I just sponsored her at the end of August and first letters from Honduras typically take 4-5 months to receive. Love!

This letter is a typical first Honduran letter. It's all check boxes and fill in the blanks, with no space for an extra message. But, I love the Honduran first letters. They are so colorful and have information that I love to receive.


My Name: Debora

I am a: Girl

I Live in: The City

How Old Am I?: 5

My Favorite Games: Soccer, Jacks, and Dolls

I Live With: My Mom Gladis, My Dad Alexis, My Brother Aaron, My Brother Abraham

My Favorite Meal: Rice & Beans

My Height: 130 (I'm not sure on this scale. I can't imagine it's centimeters. That'd be a pretty tall 5 year old!)

My Weight: 24 (Again, no scale. Does a 5 year old really weigh this much?)


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  1. That's so fun that you received 3 letters on one day!! And how neat that Sayida wrote the letter herself--hopefully the letters will get longer as she grows more comfortable writing. Kalpesh is so sweet!!! I love how he answers all your questions!! And I bet he was the most adorable donkey in the play!! That was a quick turn-around for Debora's first letter! I love how much you can learn from the 1st letters...but I have no idea what scale her height and weight are.