Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Lively Letter from Florenc!

I got a letter from Florenc today! I have to tell you, I was shocked that it was from him. I just heard from him last month and it seems like I usually only hear from him every few months or so. I was also surprised at the amount of personality in this letter. Usually it feels like Florenc is being so guarded and only writing because he has to. I guess he's finally opening up! Love that!


Hello my friend Kayla,

I am blessed to have the chance to write to you. I thank God for making you a wonderful girl. You are wonderful and have so many things to me. 

I thank you for finding time to write because I know you are busy with your lessons. I feel proud for your commitment towards me. You are a smart girl. 

I did well in my lessons. I am glad you are two centimeters taller than me and I am sure you will become a tall woman. 

I am glad for your interest for my mother and I can tell you that she is weak. I read the bible you sent to her regularly. 

I wish you the independence day on July 4th. Ours is on November 28th and we will have 101 years of independence this year. 

My favorite sports are soccer, basketball, and baseball. My favorite foods are pasta and hamburger. 

Your Friend,


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  1. How sweet that Florenc reads the Bible you sent to his mum!! That's so sad that she's weak, though. And what a sweetheart!! Florenc really looks up to you!