Friday, November 1, 2013

A Long Letter from Nikko

I know that many sponsors are often leery of writing to teenage boys. They think it'll be hard to connect, hard to find things to talk about, etc. From my experience, my preteen and teenage boys are often my most chatty, friendly, and open letter writers. For those of you who are long-time readers of my blog, may I direct your attention to: Xhuliano, Florenc, Sagar, Eric, Kalpesh, Jhon, Karanja, and Fongwin. All boys/young men who write fabulous letters.

Does anybody else have that experience with their older boys?

Today, I received a letter from Nikko that proved my theory yet again. Nikko filled up the front and back of his template paper and then attached a second sheet of paper for more writing room. He shared a lot with me. I can't wait to write him back.


Dear Miss Kayla,

First of all, I'm greeting you and your family. If you ask me, I'm doing fine by God's grace. 

Thank you for your  birthday greeting, for your letter, and for choosing to sponsor me. I know you're a good person and that God will bless you more. 

About me, I am living with my mother and younger siblings named Alma, 10 years old, Aldrin, 5 years old, Angel, 2 years old, and Jingle, 1 year old. Even though mama and papa separated, God is still good to us. Mother is a vendor. She sometimes sells peanut butter or anything she can think of. At home, I help cook rice and fetch water. 

My favorite are fried chicken with rice, colors: blue, green, red, and orange. I also like playing basketball and badminton. And my pastimes include watching TV and listening to music. Also, my favorite verse is Ephesians 6:1 "Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right."

About your question of weddings. Here, it is almost the same as yours. Almost all family members and friends are there. There is also a celebration afterwards. Our birthdays greatly depend on our  budget. Sometimes it's extravagant, sometimes it's not. But we're still happy because what's important is to be healthy always.

With regards to my studies, I am now in 8th grade. We wear uniforms to school and we also have a library and many classrooms. We also have sports teams like basketball and volleyball.

Your classroom is very nice and so are the pictures that you sent. What subject do you teach? How long have you been teaching? 

I hope you will pray that we will be given protection, blessings, and good health. And I hope our friendship will last. God bless you and your work. 




  1. I agree with you on older boys. I get great letters from my 12+ boys. Pether, Bimal, Jesus & Kleafton always write a decent amount & are very loving.
    Great letter from Nikko!

    1. I think boys that age just have such soft hearts. They try to be tough on the exterior, but when they are writing (when they know their friends won't see) they can be open and trusting and all of those things "tough guys" aren't supposed to be.

  2. What a wonderful letter from Nikko! Full of details!!

    My 14 year-old Josue is by far the most affectionate. I never receive "just" a letter from him - it's always a package with multiple pages, drawings, and photos.

    1. Wow! Josue's packages sound awesome!

  3. I love Nikko's letter! How fun that he shared so much about his family and his favorite things to do. I also enjoyed that he asked you questions.

    I agree--my teenage (and pre-teen 11 and 12 year-old) boys write the best letters!! They're so sweet and funny. I love writing to these young guys!

    1. I love hearing more and more people who also have experiences like this with their boys. I hope that people see this post and these comments and feel drawn to sponsor boys. Boys, especially the pre-teen/teen ages often go unnoticed when people are choosing to sponsor.