Friday, October 18, 2013

Xhuliano Always Writes Great Details

On Tuesday, I received two letters from Xhuliano. I have been getting monthly letters from this boy, which is just wonderful. Whenever I read one of Xhuliano's letters, I get the same feeling of love I got when I first saw his face on the World Vision website. Sponsoring children is great.


Dear Kayla,

I was so happy when I received your letter. You had written back to me with beautiful words and thoughts known from my best friend. Kayla, I will always be happy to read the letters that you will send me. Now, in her, we are in summer season and it's so hot, so the people go to the beach. I also went to the beach with my sister Stelina. World Vision took us there and there was also a pool, good food, and we slept in a hotel. 

We also celebrate the Independence Days. We have it on 28-29 November. We have the same thing only in different months. (I told him about our Independence Day in July) Even in Albania we hae people from different countries. We have forests, mountains, seas, and lakes. What about you, my friend? How are your summer vacations? I hope you have enjoyed them. (How do I tell him that I don't get a summer vacation? Haha) I thank you so much for God giving me a friend like you. God bless you and your family. 

Big Hugs for You! 
With Love Xhuliano



Dear My Friend, 

I was very glad to hear that you enjoy reading my letters. I enjoy reading your letters too. My sisters and I were very happy receiving the stickers you sent us. Thank you very much for your gift. I am very proud of you because you liked the story I told you in my last letter. 

At our farm we grow different and healthy animals. At my house I have got a sheep and two lambs. I take care of them every day. We have got even 10 hens. They do fresh eggs every day. I have even got a dog and a cat that has given birth to two little, beautiful kittens. I am very happy about them. We did not buy any turkeys this year because they cost a lot. I would be very glad if I was going to have the chance to get some of them. 

I was glad to hear that you are taking care of a little boy and I hope you enjoy doing this job. My school will be started on September 16th. I am very excited because I will meet my friends and teachers. Thanks for everything you are doing for me! 

With Love, 


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  1. Xhuliano is quite the writer!! It's so fun to see how you both truly have a friendship. Sponsorship is such a great blessing...and a mutual friendship is a double-blessing!!