Monday, March 4, 2013

My Beautiful Rwandan Boy

For those of you who are on the site Our Compassion and spend any amount of time in the discussion forums, you have heard of and probably talked to Laurent. Laurent is a young man (same age as as me, actually!) from Rwanda. When he was younger, he was a sponsored child through his local Compassion project. He has now grown up, graduated the program, and is a dentist. Now that he is a grown man with a successful career, he has not forgotten his past and he loves to help out at Compassion projects. He even does dental clinics for some projects!

You can read more about Laurent and his work in this article: Former Sponsored Child Gives Back to His Community. It's a very nice story.

This is my favorite picture from the article. We have the very same set of teeth and large green toothbrush where I teach and the kids love pretending to brush the teeth. It's nice to see that kids are the same all over the world.

Well, anyway, recently Laurent has been traveling to other Compassion projects to visit and to spend time with the children. On O.C, Laurent shares which projects he will be visiting and he asks if anybody has children in those projects, so that he can visit with the child and take a few pictures for the sponsors.
Laurent is such a nice guy!
A couple of weeks ago, Laurent posted that he would be visiting RW-420, which is where my sweet boy, Kwizera, attends. The children attend the project on Saturdays. Laurent visited with my Kwizera and his father yesterday and he sent me the pictures that were taken on Facebook. I love these pictures!

I love Kwizera's Dad's Smile!

Best part of these pictures? Everyone is holding something that I have sent Kwizera. His picture that I've decorated, a letter written on a sunset background, and other letters on notebook paper. I love that they thought to include these things in the letter. It's just amazing to see one of my beautiful children holding something I held in my hands or created.

And since I'm a pretty huge fan of close-up pictures of just my kids faces, I cropped these:

Seriously, I don't think he could get any cuter.

I am extremely grateful to Laurent and his heart to take time out of his life to visit these wonderful children. Not only that, I am so grateful that he is taking the time to provide pictures of these children to their sponsors, when he is able to. Seeing these pictures of Kwizera makes me love him so much more than I already did. 


  1. How cool!! What a blessing to get extra pictures and to have someone special visit!

    1. I completely agree. It's a wonderful blessing!

  2. Those are amazing photos!! I love what Laurent is doing!! I hope he goes to our boy's project someday :)

    1. I absolutely love what Laurent is doing too! It was a whole new concept for me to get a picture of one of my sponsored children on the very day that it was taken. I know that this is what Kwizera looks like right now, not a few months ago or a year ago.

  3. Great photos!!!! So cool to see your child holding things that you've sent.

    Curious...have you heard from Florenc lately? I haven't heard you mention him on the blog. I've got such a soft spot for those Albanian kiddos. :)

    1. Sadly, no, I have no heard from Florenc since the beginning of November. I miss that boy! I am worried because his poor family is struggling. His mother desperately needs a kidney transplant and Florenc needs to have surgery to remove a buildup in his sinuses that is making it very hard for him to breathe. I hope that all is well!