Saturday, March 2, 2013

Math, Bicycles, and Music

Xhuliano is on a roll when it comes to writing letters. I am absolutely loving it. I've been responding to each letter, but I don't want to overwhelm him with so many letters in a short amount of time.

Here's the letter I received today:


Dear Kayla,
I was very happy to receive your letter. I like receiving letters from you because you always write beautiful and warm words about me and my family.
I like math. I go to school with Klajdi (his best friend).
I would ove to ride a bicyle, but I can't have one because in the winter, because of the bad and rainy weather, my dad doesn't work very much and he can't afford buying me a bicycle. (The next time I'm able to send him gift money, I'm going to request that they buy him a bike. This is the 2n time he has talked about how much he would love to have one.)
My sister Stelina had her birthday on 4th January and Marsela has started to speak more clearly. I loved the pictures that you sent. I'm sorry to hear that your student will left the class. (I can only assume that he is talking about my students leaving my class soon to go to kindergarten.)
I like the subject of music, because I like singing and recitating. I hope to hear more about you and your music.
I wish you luck and that God follow you everywhere.
With Lots of Love,


  1. Another great letter!! He is such a great kid!! That would be so neat if you could get him a bike. One of our kids from India mentioned how nice it would be to have a bike and we were able to send him gift money for it last year! He says that everyone is proud of him now because of his bike and that he no longer has to walk far distances. I hope that Xhuliano can experience that same feeling soon!!

    1. I totally called WV today and sent him gift money. I requested that he buy a bike with the money. I am so excited to see a picture of him with his new bike!