Friday, March 22, 2013

A Drop of Rain!

Today my letter drought ended with one drop of rain.

I opened my mailbox with a pretty bad attitude. It was a very rough week with my class, I was absolutely exhausted, and every time I've opened my mailbox lately, it's been empty. I admit, I wasn't very hopeful.

But, tucked in there were two letters from pen pals and a cream colored envelope!

Inside, was a letter from my wonderful Ugandan friend, Eric. Since I started corresponding with him, I've gotten a letter almost exactly every 3 months. I last heard from him on December 24th. It's nice to see a pattern in his letters, so I know when to be looking out for a letter from him. Check back in June for another one, haha.

His letter wasn't very long, but it was still full of kind words from a great young man.


Dear Kayla,
Eric is greeting you in Jesus' name. He says that how was the first day of January this year.
Eric says that he is thanking you for the gift which you sent him during Christmas days.
He also says that he would wish that one day you may come to Uganda to see him or to see how Uganda is looking like. He continued and says that you come with your children so that he may see them.
He says that many people are thanking God because they have reached to the great new year of 2013, so that they may also finish it well with no problem.
He says that pray hard such that this year may end happy.
He is also thanking you for the letters which you always send to him.
From Your Child,
So...I'm still confused how his name is supposed to be spelled. He always signed it as "Eric" last year, but now he's signing it as "Erick". The translator always writes "Eric." I guess it doesn't matter, it's all pronounced the sams way. Maybe I'll ask him.
I'm confused on what children Eric wants me to bring if I come visit him. Perhaps he means my students? I'll have to ask him about that too.
The letters I always send to that. I probably write too much, but I don't plan on stopping now!
I will definitely "pray hard" that he reaches the end of the year with no problems! 

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  1. Maybe he means your students! Or maybe if you someday have kids, he'll want to see them! I love that he wants you to visit!! I like that he said "to see him or to see how Uganda is looking like"...I'm guessing you could do both :) Hopefully you'll receive more letters soon!!