Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Letter from Francis Karanja!

The first letters from my December correspondent children seem to be coming in now. I'm still waiting on 3 first letters from this group of kids, but today I got one from my boy, Francis Karanja in Kenya.

Karanja is 13 years old and he wrote this letter in English, completely on his own. Go man, go!

My Parents:
Eluid - Father
Agnes - Mother
My Brothers & Sisters:
Hannah Wambui - 29 years old
Esther Watun - 28 years old
Mary Hanjiru - 24 years old
Joseph Gachoya - 21 years old
Jescina Njeri - 14 years old
Ruth Klangui - 12 years old
My Best Friend:
Moses - 13 years old
My Favorite Things:
Best Game: Football
Best Song: I Am in the Race
Best Food: Chicken and Chapati Bread
Best School Subjects: Math and Christian Religious Education
Best Bible Story: Story of Joseph
Best Colors: Black & Blue
Message for my Sponsor:
Dear Kayla,
I am Francis Karanja. I go to primary school. I am in class 7. I am doing well in my studies and I wish to improve. I go to church at Universal Church Kenya. I thank you for being my sponsor and pray that God will bless you. Pray for me to succeed in my exams.
He drew this picture. I wonder if that's a picture of his school, or maybe his project. I'll have to ask him.


  1. That is so neat that Karanja wrote in English!!! I love how much he shared in his letter! It's so neat to learn all about each kid! And what a great drawing. I enjoyed reading this all! I especially like that one of his favorite subjects is's mine too!

    1. I agree with you, I love every part of this letter! I feel like I learned a TON about him.