Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blessings from Florenci

Oh my goodness, my Albanian boys are such a blessing in my life.

Today, I received two letters from the handsome Florenc.

Here's the line, this young man breaks my heart. His two letters today were full of sadness and heartbreak. He has so many things going on in his life and family. At 13 years old, life is hard enough without having parents without jobs, a mom who is constantly sick, and not having opportunities that you would like to be a part of because the money just isn't there.

To share a bit of background information, Florenc has nasal polyps that make it difficult and uncomfortable for him to breathe. They are not life-threatening, but are definitely probably an annoyance for him. He mentions needing surgery often, but as it's not a neccesity and his family cannot afford it, he will probably not get the surgery. His mom on the other hand, needs a kidney transplant, and that is a very serious problem because that can't be afforded either.

I wish I could give this boy the world. I love him so much.

Of course, it is now time to share the letters with you:

Dear my friend Kayla,
I am Florenci who is writing this letter. I am well, in general, but the problem that I have in my nose is not stabilized yet. I am waiting to operate my nose. My family is doing well, but my father is unemployed and my mother always has problems with her kidneys. She has a chronic illness, she does not feel well, and those things make me sad. My brother, Esati, is doing well. My brother and I go to school reguarly and we learn hard. I have taken all of your letters.
I am happy that you and your family are doing well. I wish you never have any bad things in your life.
Is your family doing well? How are they? Your grandmother, your mother, sister, and stepfather? How are you doing with your job?
The bible you sent me I read it and I like it very much. I got the present you send me and I very much like the shirt you sent. I take your photo everywhere I go.
May God bless you and your family!
We love you very much.
Dear my friend,
I got your letter and I am very happy that you are doing well. I like the amazing pictures you sent me. I want to visit those beautiful places. In Albania, there are some beautiful places but I have never visited those places because we have no money. My parents are unemployed. I like also to go in the beach but I have have never gone there.
I am growing up with economical difficulties. I hope that God will help me.
Do you want a photo from my village?
In my country, it is cold in the winter and it snows a lot. What is the weather like in your country?
I like very much to read your letters. I am waiting for your next letters because you are a part of my family.
My brother and I go regularly in school and we are going well in lessons. I like very much the English language and I want to go in private courses in order to learn well, but I cannot, I have no money.
Love and Respect,
"I am growing up with economical difficulties. I hope that God will help me"
God...please help this boy...


  1. Aww praying for him!!!

    1. I am absolutely praying for him. I am so grateful that organizations like World Vision and Compassion exist. Sponsorship cannot fix everything, but it can definitely bring hope and light into a child's life. I am so happy to be able to breathe love into Florenc's life.

  2. I tried commenting the other day....but it wouldn't post. Anyway, I really enjoyed the letter!! He sounds like such a sweet guy....but he's going through so much!! I'm so glad that you're able to encourage him through your letters. And I'll be praying for a miracle for his mum.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! He's definitely a sweet guy. I get a feel that he's a more quiet, sensitive type of guy. Nothing wrong with that!