Thursday, February 7, 2013

Touching Thursday: Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Edition

Last week's Touching Thursday was amazingly wonderful! I'm also so happy when children that I'm praying for find sponsors. Praise God for sponsors!

This week, I have three boys to share with you. These boys have just captured my heart. I hope that they will capture your hearts too and you will prayerfully consider sponsoring them, helping Compassion rescue these boys in Jesus's name.

Name: Carlos
Age: 9 (Almost 10)
Birthday: February 12th
Country: Brazil
Guardians: Mother (Laborer)
Number of Siblings: None
Chores: Running Errands
School Performace: Average in Primary School
Hobbies: Soccer
Activities: Church Activities
Carlos could use a loving sponsor because is currently receiving medical treatment. His page doesn't say why, though.
Name: Wolph
Age: 5
Birthday: January 19th
Country: Haiti
Guardians: Father & Mother (Both Farmers)
Number of Siblings: 3
Chores: Gathering Firewood & Running Errands
School Performance: Average in Preschool
Hobbies: Soccer & Hide-and-Seek
Acitivites: Church Activities
Name: Sandeep
Age: 12
Birthday: July 24th
Country: India
Guardians: Father and Mother (Laborer and Housewife)
Number of Siblings: 3
Chores: Carrying Water & Buying/Selling in the Market
School Performance: Average in Primary School
Hobbies: Walking, Reading, & Hide-and-Seek
Activities: Church Activities

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