Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Letter from Xhuliano!

Today, I opened my mailbox and saw the wonderful World Vision orange in there. Yay!

Xhuliano wrote a simple letter and shared a few things from his life.


Dear Kayla,

I was very happy receiving your letter again, my family also.

Like you, I like so much traveling, but I think this is very expensive.

I like very much your photos, but I would like to see you personally.

On the 23rd of December, I'll take my winter holidays. On the 28th of December, I turn 12 years old. I will celebrate it with my family, cousins, and friends. I hope you will remember me that day too.

New year is coming and I've decorated the tree. Mom has started the preparations. She's cleaning the house and cooking good food for us, traditional things.

I wish you a happy new year, a blessed year, and a wealthy one.

Lots of Love,


Ouch! I better send him some pictures of me soon! He certainly knows what he wants, huh?

It's interesting to hear that his family also decorates a tree and makes good food to celebrate the winter holidays.

I can't wait to write him back!


  1. Haha it's funny when they make a request. One of Lawrence's recent letters said "you can send a photo and i see how dogs in UK look like."
    I'd better do it then haha!
    Nice letter, looks like Xhuliano is a good writer :)

    1. I think Xhuliano is a good writer too. I love when my kids request things. Gives me things to send in the next letter.

  2. I seriously LOVE opening my mailbox and seeing orange peeking out. Whoohoo!!

    You better get started on sending this boy some photos! Haha

    1. World Vision orange and Compassion cream and blue. Those are the best things to see in the mailbox!

      I know, right?! I better get some pictures printed out.

  3. What a sweet letter!! I love that he wants to see you personally!!

    1. I've sent him pictures before I guess he would like to see some more.

  4. He is so precious! My Albanian boy has written me twice now and I am absolutely head over heals for him! They are such treasures!

    1. They sure are! I am so grateful that a friend of mine introduced me too sponsorship in Albania. The children are so sweet!