Friday, February 22, 2013

Long, Lovely Letter from Xhuliano

I just love that World Vision orange in the mailbox!

Even more than that, I love Xhuliano so much. He is just a sweetheart. With World Vision, letters are sent directly from the country. But, this letter was not. It was mailed from the main office in Washington. I'm guessing this letter has been lost in the mail for a long time and somehow made it to the main office, where it was passed onto me. It's written in Xhuliano's handwriting and it's not a copy so I'm not exactly sure what happened. But, I can tell it's an older letter because Xhuliano is mentioning gifts and and paper things that I sent him last February/March, which he probably received in April/May.

I am so grateful that this letter made it's way to me. I am always so happy to hear from Xhuliano. He's just a wonderful boy. Here's his letter:


Dear My Friend Kayla,
I was very happy when I received your letter again. Not only me, but my family too. I like the photos that you sent to me, my friend, and the presents too. Even my two sisters were very happy. Marsela took the two dollas and she keeps them in her hands. She hugs them until she falls asleep. (I sent his two sisters dolls. It looks like his younger sister has taken control of both of them. Haha.)
Even for me my mum is like my friend, like my sister, and I express everything with her. (I wrote a Mother's Day themed letter and told him about how much I love my mom).
I wish to your sister and her boyfriend to always be together and God bless them both.
Even I have a grandma that talks to me everyday, kisses me, hugs me, and I love her, like you love your grandma.
Kayla, you will always be in my heart and my family's too. I like to write letters for my amazing friend. It's not a boring thing for me to do, because your conversations are beautiful and sweet and I'm very happy. Even I love the way you write. My family sits at the table and my sister reads it and they like your thoughts that you had expressed for me and my family. My family thanks you and wishes you good luck. Stelina (his 10 year old sister) is a lively child, while Marsela (his 2 year old sister) is a little girl, but smart. On April 5th, she turned 2 years old and we celebrated it. My mum prepared some delicious things. Marsela has started to dance, because she likes it and Stelina teaches her.
I loved the green shirt and it fits me. Thank you from my heart. When I'll have the chance, I'll send a picture of all my family, because I didn't have one the day I received your letter. I wish a happy 13th May day to your family and I hope you'll enjoy the time. Even we celebrate a feast in this month, which is on the 1st of May. We cook some food from home and we take a walk with the family on the seaside. I wrote something for my mom in the card with butterflies that you sent. I love her like all the world.
Thank you and God bless you!


  1. What a lovely letter!!! Xhuliano sounds like such a sweet guy. That's wonderful that World Vision worked out the details to send you the letter!!!!

    1. He is a very sweet guy. Each letter seems to get more and more sweet. I just love him so much.