Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pastor Letter from Dafyne's Project

It's time for another pastor letter! I just love reading these letters and I especially love sharing them on my blog. These letters, written by the pastor of each Compassion project, give a lovely little sneak peek into the lives of the the children and staff members at the project.

Today, I am sharing the letter from Dafyne's project. Dafyne lives in Forteleza, Brazil, which is a place known for prostitution, child prostitution, drugs, and gangs. Compassion is doing wonderful work here rescuing the children from similar fates. Here's what Dafyne's pastor has to say about BR-417.


Dear Sponsor,

Greetings from Forteleza, Brazil. It is a joy for us to write to you!

We are Eladio and Anna, pastors of Igreja Betesda de Serviluz, which helps your Compassion child. You are a channel of blessing for us for giving a new opportunity of choice and consequently of life to our children.

Understanding each other's needs is an attitude of brotherhood, for which life is worth living. The children of this community need to eat, get clothing, study, and above all, they need a place where they can feel like they are citizens and find guidance to live their dreams.

Most of these children live at risk in their houses. Usually they are sons and daughters of prostitutes and of parents involved with drug dealing. The live in Serviluz, an impoverished community in the outskirts of Forteleza. They come from unstructed families, in need of affection, attention, or even a simple smile.

The center Espacio Viva Vida (Live Life Place) has been a differential in these childrens' lives. Here they receive tutoring, food, health and sanitation instruction, and spiritual and social guidance. They learn about Jesus and the bible, many for the first time. They now have the chance of being respected and called by their own names. Here, they can be John, Anna, Rachel, or Mary. They feel like they are individuals; they are real and important people.

When the children receive letters from their sponsors, it makes them feel loved and valued. They look forward to hearing from their sponsors personally.

We all know that we are facing a global financial crisis, but we, the workers in our church and center, thank you for holding strong at the mission of providing these children with a better future and a worthy reality. Their lives are being changed for the better, thanks to your investment. May we catch a glimpse of a possiblity of hearing them say, "I can, I am, and I will be ready to change my reality."

We pray that God will bless you for your sponsorship and prayers. Again, we thank you for demonstrating your love and committment to these children.

A huge from us to you,
Pastors Eladio and Anna


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  1. I love the pastor's letters!! They help give such insight into the lives of the kids....and I love how you shared it with photos!! Maybe I'll start sharing them on my blog....thanks for the idea!!

    1. I love sharing them with pictures! I've done that with all of the ones that I've shared, so far. If you're interested in reading more, my kids that have them are: Eric, Sadiya, Kwizera, Solomon, and Jhon. Karanja's will post on Tuesday.

      You can find them by clicking on those kids names on in my bookmarks. You can find those under the kids pictures, scroll all the way down.