Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First Letter from Kwizera!

First letters are the best. That feeling never gets old. After sponsoring or being assigned a new correspondent child, you send letter and you wait. Then you send another letter and wait some more. You know how it is.

Then that lovely day arrives. You get that first letter in the mail from that precious child and you get to learn a few things about them.

The relationship has begun.



Name: Kwizera Yves
Age: 8
Favorite Food: Rice
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Activities: Cleaning & Fetching Water (Wow!)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Friend: Boaz
Favorite Animal: Cow
Favorite Hero: David (Bible hero? David who fought the giant? King David? I wish I knew!)
Dear Kayla,
Kwizera Yves greets you in God's peace. He is good and his family is wishing you happy new year of 2013. Be blssed in all what you are doing. Nice moments. (Yeah...I have no idea.)

1 comment:

  1. Cute 1st letter :) such a special feeling when that relationship starts! I've only had 1 1st letter so far but I have 2 on the way from Proscovia so I'm excited to see that envelope ;D