Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Letters from India!

Raise your hand if you thought I was going to say that I got two letters from Kalpesh when I mentioned India.


But nope! Today I got two first letters; one from Sagar and one from Pranali!

I'll start with the letter from Sagar. I sponsored him on August 30th, so this letter has been a long time coming and it was very exciting to receive it today. Here's the letter:



Hello, I am: Sagar Schiwappa
Mother's Name: Tara
Father's Name: Shiwappa (has died)
Brothers: None
Sisters: Tanisha
My Favorite Color: Orange
My Favorite Game: Cricket
My Favorite Food: Rice and Dhal
My Best Friend: Sachin
My House is Made of: Mud
Dear Sponsor,
Greetings to you. I am Shubhangi, child development associate of the project, writing this letter to you on behalf of your loving child Sagar. Meaning of Sagar is Ocean. His father died due to illness. The project Morning Star is working in the red light district area of Miraj which is working for empowerment of children and women. Sagar has a sister name Tanisha. She is studying in second standard. Sagar has grandmother named Krisha. Mother Tara goes from house to house washing vessels and clothes. She is unable to provide good education and balanced diet to Sagar and Tanisha. Please pray for them. Thank you for your sponsorship. On behalf of your sponsored child,
It was so nice to hear about Sagar. I knew that his father had died, but I was unsure of what happened. When I think of illness in a red light area, my mind automatically goes to AIDS or other sexual and/or communicable diseases. It's very sad. It could also be due to a whole slew of other diseases that are easily treatable outside of an Indian slum. My heart breaks for this family.
I was very happy to hear that Sagar's mother does not work as a sex worker. It's a big relief. I am still sad that she works so hard and cannot provide for her family. I am beyond happy that Compassion chose to open a project in this area. I hope it can be a huge blessing and breathe life and love into the people here.
My other letter is from Pranali. I was just assigned to correspond with her on December 27th, so not even a month ago! I realize this probably means that this letter was written before she had a sponsor and then sent out to me and she probably doesn't even know about me yet, but it was nice to learn about her! Pranali wrote the letter herself, in English, and filled up the whole page! She actually put two lines of writing per line that Compassion wrote!
Hello, I am: Pranali
Mother's Name: Nanba
Father's Name: Sudhakando
Brothers: Gopal
Sisters: None
My Favorite Color: Pink
My Favorite Game: Langadi (A form of hopscotch and tag mixed together)
My Favorite Food: Rice, Veggies, Fruit
My Best Friend: Karishna
My House is Made of: Mud
Dear Sponsor,
Greetings to you in the name of our loving Lord Jesus Christ. I am fine here and hope you are also fine there. I am very happy that you are my new sponsor. Thank God. He selected me for you. My village name is _______. It's situated in forest area. Here are aborigine people. Here do not have proper road and electric facility. My school is 5 km away from my village. I go to school by walking. Here many people do laboring work. My parents also do laboring work. I go to school and center regularly. I also go to church on every Sunday. There I sing Jesus songs and listen to bible verses. I believe in God. I always pray to God to solve my problems. My favorite verse is Luke 22: 14-23. I participate in all the project acitivites. Only because of project I take good education, so thank for God blessing. Please keep me in your prayers. I always pray for you. Thanks!
Your loving sponsor child,


  1. Ooooo I was wondering when you'd get the letter from Sagar. I know you've been waiting for it. I'm so happy to hear that his mother doesn't work as a sex-worker!

  2. 2 more great letters :) So nice to have more info on them.

  3. That's so exciting!!!! I love first letters!!