Friday, January 25, 2013

A Sweet Letter from Celeste

I got another letter from Celeste today. I just heard from her two weeks ago, so this letter was definitely a surprise. I am very excited to be getting to know this precious little girl that I will get to visit in August.


Hello my dear Kayla,
I'm glad to write this second letter for you to answer your letters that I received in October and November. I want to answer your questions: I have not played all the games you tell me about in your letter. What I play with my friends is jump rope and tag. I thank you for thinking of me and I thank God for keeping you healthy and well, as you tell me in your letters. I pray that God helps all the famers and that he sends the rain and that you can have a better harvest. I also want to thank you for your gift, which I will use to buy cups and clothes. I also want to tell you about my house. It is very small but I enjoy it very much.  I want to ask you to help me pray that in the future I can have a better house. I would like to know if you have a dad and what his name is. Yes, I enjoy playing with my friends, especially during recess at the project. We have a 30 minute break and I enjoy it very much.
I love how she started the letter, her dear Kayla, so sweet!
In the summer, I wrote to her telling her about how our summer had been very hot and dry, with very little rain. I told her that the farmers were having to bring in less crop than usual. I love that she prayed for the farmers. She is such a thoughtful girl.
I also sent her a letter telling her about some of the games that children play here at recess. I think I told her about hopscotch and kicball, games that I enjoyed playing at her age. Too bad she's never heard of kickball, it's so fun!
I linked this letter to Blogging from the Boonies' Mail Call Monday post. 


  1. I love that she says that her house is "very small, but I enjoy it very much". And I love how she answered all your questions!! And that she's praying for God to send rain. What a sweet letter!! I was wondering if you're going to Celeste's project in August, because, if you do, and if I'm able to find Genesis a sponsor, would you be able to try to take some photos of her? And maybe bring a card from the sponsor? I'm going to see if either I can get a group sponsorship going or if a friend or family member will be able to.

    1. I would love to go to Celeste's project, because that means I would get to see her twice on the trip! But, there are no garauntees of that. They went to her project on the last trip, so I don't know if they'll go again. I won't find out officially where we are going until July, when everything is finalized.

    2. Ok! Well, at least you get to see Celeste!!!

    3. Yes, the trip coordinators pick a couple projects that the whole group visits together. On child visit days, all of the children travel to one location, like a water park or playground, etc and meet their sponsors there. I won't get to see her house or anything.