Friday, January 4, 2013


On New Year's Eve, I received a letter from Xhuliano that was pretty much all about celebration. He has sure had an exciting couple of months! Also, of course, the letter was full of a lot of love and lovely compliments too. He's such a flatterer!



Dear Kayla,

I enjoy receiving your letter, which came as a surprise for me and my family. I feel blessed that a beautiful young lady writes and expresses interest about my wealth. I pray to God everyday that you, your sisters, your family, and all your relatives be good. It's a joy to me, receiving your photos and gifts and I really appreciate this.

We celebrated the 100th anniversary our of nation's independence day a few days ago. It was a great celebration in which all Albanians from Kosovo and other states where they live and work came and took place. There were endless dances and songs. I was there with my family too. I really wished for you to be there too.

On the 28th December I turned 12 years old. It's my birthday!!! We are going to celebrate Christmas and New Year also. I wish you to have a good time too. May God bless you! All the best!

Lots of Love,


What a nice letter! I did some research of the Albanian independence day party for their 100th year. It was certainly a big celebration! I am so glad that Xhuliano and his family got to be a part of it! I would have loved to be there with them.

Also, I thought that Xhuliano's birthday was the 27th. Apparantly World Vision wrote it down wrong. Oops. I'm guessing a 12 year knows his own birthday, haha. I should change that in my notes.

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  1. My Albanian girl also mentioned the 100th anniversary celebration in her letter too! Her father lives in Greece and she barely sees him so I wonder if he came back for that. Hope so.