Thursday, January 17, 2013

Touching Thursday: Beautiful Special Needs Children

Each Thursday I share three children that have been on my heart from the Compassion site. This last week, I was especially drawn to the special needs children on the site. There are a few pages of so many beautiful children all who need special medical attention in some way. If you are considering sponsoring a child, I encourage you to prayerfully consider one of these special needs children.

Rasmata has been sponsored!

Name: Prokit
Age: 7
Birthday: August 15th, 2005
Country: India
Guardians: Father & Mother
# of Siblings: 2
Chores: Running Errands
Hobbies: Soccer & Running
School Performance: Above Average in Primary School
Activities: Bible Class & Church Activities
Special Needs: Crippled in Both Feet (Clear in the Picture)

You can view Prokit's page here

Rodrigue has been sponsored too!


  1. Rasmata was one of my recent prayer children also!! That's so neat. I was wondering what you information you have about your Celeste's project...there's a little girl on the website who really stands out to me from Celeste's project and I'm going to try to find her a sponsor. Her name is Genesis and she's 3.

    1. I watch every child on the site that attends the same project as one of my children. I know Genesis's face well. If you have any specific questions about the project I can see if I can answer it for you. If I can't, I can ask my friend Amanda, she visited there last summer.

  2. Beautiful kids :)

    This is off topic, but I need to tell you before it slips my mind :P I was having a browse on the World Vision UK site & came across a boy named Abu Bakarr from Sierra Leone! How strange! :)

    1. I've found that name to be pretty popular in Sierra Leone. I've noticed that sometimes it's hyphonated and sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's even spelled differently!