Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Future 11 Year Olds!

Confusing title?


Allow me to explain. :)

In April, two of my Compassion children will turn 11 years old. Thanks to Compassion, my mind is always thinking three months ahead in the year. I write Easter letters in December, Christmas letters in September, and birthday letters WAY before the child actually celebrates a new year of their life, haha.

As I was saying, the very handsome Kalpesh and the beautiful Celeste will both turn 11 years old in April. I sent them both small, but fun (in my opinion) gifts that I would like to share with my lovely readers.

What do you think?

For Celeste, I chose a cat and dog theme, because, well, I think they're cute and because in a picture I have of Celeste, she's holding a puppy, so I think she may like them too. I sent her kitten and puppy stickers, coloring pages, and even a craft where she can put together her own cat. Celeste will also get a decorated picture of herself.

With Kalpesh, I went with another animal theme. I sent him jungle animal stickers and coloring pages of a tiger, a lion, and an elephant. I feel like it's not much, but I know he's going to love it. I've heard that he likes to color the things I send him. Kalpesh got a decorated picture too.


  1. Fun birthday gifts!!! I love it!!

  2. Bwwahaha, you know you're into sponsorship when you're thinking about Christmas in September and Easter in January!