Thursday, February 23, 2012

Touching Thursday

It's my favorite day again! I show you three of the children that are on my prayer list. I hope these wonderful children can find sponsors this week!

Little Aaron is no longer sponsorless! I hope Aaron and his new sponsor have a wonderful journey together.

Hope has been sponsored! I am so excited for whoever got to sponsor her. Her favorite activity is to tell stories. I bet those letters will be great!

Pravin also has a sponsor! Praise God! I feel like I will need to continue praying for this dear child. I really felt connected to him and I was worried that if nobody sponsored him, I was going to end up doing it myself, even though I can't afford it.

I can't believe all three children were sponsored one day after I posted this! God is so good!

I also want to encourage anyone who sponsors these children to please write to them. Write to them at least 1-2 a month. Writing to your sponsored children is one of the best ways to let them know that you care about them and love them. You'll develop a wonderful relationship with your sponsored child and you'll get to see exactly how much difference your sponsorship is making. However, if you are not able to write to your child, you can tell Compassion to set up a correspondence sponsor for you. This is somebody that will write in your place. Letter writing is that important.

Also, I'll throw in that if you're looking for a correspondent sponsor, I would love to fill that place for you and to keep you updated on your child. I absolutely love writing to my kiddos and I always have room for more! 

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