Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mail Call!

I received my very first letter from my adorable Kalpesh today. I was assigned as his correspondence sponsor on December 13th, so it's taken less than two months to get a letter from him. I think that's a pretty good rate! There wasn't any personal message written at at all in this letter, but I did get some basic information from him.

Name: Kalpesh
Age: 9
Mother's Name: Aushi
Father's Name: Bharat
Brothers: Pravin & Rutik
Sisters: Sheela
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Sport: Cricket
Favorite Food: Mutton
Best Friend: Vishal

His house is made out of straw/hay. He lives in West/Central India.

I am going to write him a letter asking about the ages of his siblings, because I am very curious as to wear he falls in the number order of them.

Isn't a first letter always such a blessing? 


  1. How exciting! its always nice to find those cream envelopes in the mailbox, but there is something special about that very first letter! Between my sister, my nephew and I we had quite the stack of cream envelopes yesterday! :)

    1. Compassion has been on it mail wise lately! I have gotten two letters in the last ten days, both of them first letters. I'm a pretty happy camper.