Thursday, February 9, 2012

Touching Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! This week I have three more lovely children that I want to direct your attention too.

This week my heart has been taken two different places. One, to India, to little girls without shoes and dark hair that is turning light due to malnutrition. And two, to the "longest waiting" children.

Kavita has found a sponsor! She was the last of these three children to be selected. God is so good! Leading another three children into the hands and hearts of loving sponsors.

Beautiful, barefoot Ramila has been sponsored! She is the first of these three to be chosen. I hope she soon gets the nutrition and shoes that she needs. God bless her sponsor!

Lucky number two. It appears that this handsome young man, the one who has waited over a year (a whole year!) for a sponsor, has indeed found one. Mark, your long wait is over. Enjoy your new life!

Show some love to these children!

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